Rockford Fosgate Swift


Here is an example of car that is fully capable to blowing your ears out if your not careful enough. Starting with, it has got a pair of Rockford Fosgate Pro Tweeters mounted on a custom fabricated pod on the A pillar.


On each front doors there are not one, not two but four speakers installed with two of them being Rockford Fosgate 8 inch mid range speakers and the other two being Rockford Fosgate Punch series components. A Punch series T400-4 and a Power series T600-4 amplifiers have been installed to handle their power needs.


Keeping up with the high number of speakers, the rear seats have been chucked away to make way for fours 12 inch Rockford Fosgate Power T2 subwoofers. All are mated with a pair of Rockford Fosgate T2500 mono amplifier.


So what you get at the end is a car that is disguised as a machine that can make you deaf but it will surely rock you all along the way.

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