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  • Binding: Electronics
  • Brand: Pioneer
  • EAN: 0884938326995
  • EAN List: EAN List Element: 0884938326995
  • Manufacturer: PIONEER INDIA PVT LTD
  • Model: AVH-X8890BT
  • MPN: AVH-X8890BT
  • Package Dimensions: Height: 622; Length: 1094; Weight: 604; Width: 984
  • Part Number: AVH-X8890BT
  • Product Group: CE
  • Product Type Name: CAR_ELECTRONICS
  • Title: PIONEER AVH-X8890BT
  • UPC: 884938326995
  • UPC List: UPC List Element: 884938326995

For years I had been using the plain old auxiliary port to play music from my phone to car’s stereo system and it was fine back then. But now with the introduction of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the experience has changed to a whole new level and you don’t need to own a Ferrari to experience this revolutionary technology.
The Pioneer AVH X8890BT is an in-dash touchscreen entertainment system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and a variety of entertainment features. You can now enjoy your music along with some of the apps from your smartphone like messaging, navigation etc thanks to its mobile phone integration.


Hardware and features

Pioneer AVH X8890BT

The Pioneer AVH X8890BT is a beautifully designed receiver. It is sleek, sexy and smooth that easily gives the interior of your car a facelift and totally modernizes the driving experience.

This double-din entertainment system has full 7-inch resistive touchscreen display at a WVGA (800×480) resolution — which sounds low in a world filled with 720p and 1080p smartphones, but isn’t bad at all in practice. Graphics and for the various parts of the interfaces and video playback are rendered smoothly and sharply but unfortunately the experience of watching videos are nowhere near as crisp as today’s smartphones. Since I don’t spend a lot of time watching videos in the car, this wasn’t a huge disappointment for me.

Just below the screen is a chin that juts slightly forward, housing buttons for volume, skip, mode selection, home, maps, and eject. Tapping the eject button causes the motorized display to rotate down, revealing the 8890’s hidden CD/DVD slot and SD card reader.

The AVH X8890BT’s back panel is packed with inputs and connections, making it easily expandable and upgradable. There are actually two full speed USB ports back there – though only one extension cable ships with the unit, enabling multiple portable media and storage devices to be connected or up to two smartphones charged.

There are three pairs of 4V RCA preamp outputs including a dedicated subwoofer output, a set of A/V RCA outputs dedicated to rear video, a video input for a rear camera, and ports to accommodate steering-wheel controls. An HDMI input comes into play when connecting external video sources or, with the aid of adapters sold separately, the receiver’s the App Mode.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


car play android auto

Arguably, the two most important features that the Pioneer X8890BT supports are the new Apple CarPlay interface for iPhone and Android Auto for Android users. Lets talk about CarPlay first.


AVH-X8790BT android auto

As opposed to Pioneer’s own App Mode, which required additional hardware, all that you’ll need to get running with Apple’s CarPlay is an iPhone 5 or later running atleast on iOS 7 and a USB to Lightning adapter. Simply plug the phone into the USB port No.1 and, after a few seconds, the CarPlay interface will appear.
In Apple lingo, it’s “magical.”

The CarPlay homescreen has shortcuts to Apple Maps, voice calls, text messages, iTunes Music and Podcasts and you can also use other radio apps like Spotify and Pandora without any fuss ( pity as they are not available in india) . There’s also a shortcut to return to the home screen of the stereo if you wish..


avh-x8890bt android auto

Google’s Android Auto, while not exactly like the OS on your phone, is quite similar to CarPlay and also really easy to use. After an initial setup on the phone which includes installing the Android Auto app and connecting the Android device via USB, the receiver triggers the Android Auto software to start and host the phone.

The functionality includes navigation via Google Maps, music control, voice control for replying to messages, making calls, and more. Third party app support is also easily available, including Pandora, Spotify, Skype, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts and a whole lot more.


Out of the two, Android Auto is our favourite one. It would be nice if they allowed you to access more apps but really we don’t have much to complain about.



Pioneer AVH X8890BT

One of my favourite things about the user interface is how easy it is to navigate around. Find what you’re looking for and just touch it. You can also easily go back by pressing the back button at the top right corner of the screen at any point. If you ever get lost and want to go back to the home screen you can press the center (“HOME”) button on the control panel below the touchscreen.
Speaking of which, you can fully customise the home screen with different themes and colours combinations. You can even choose your own background picture by uploading it from your thumb drive or SD card,

The Pioneer AVH X8890BT has a lot of options, buttons and screens and you don’t need to read a user manual to get going. The whole experience of using this receiver feels very intuitive but it isn’t a NASA mission control by a long shot. The UI is just excellent.


Audio and Video Features


For those of you who are looking in for audio customization, the good news is that the Pioneer AVH X8890BT boasts all the bells and whistles that you can think in a multimedia receiver.

In addition to the aforementioned CD/DVD and SD card slots — which also support a wide range of digital media formats including MP3, WMA, AAC and lossless FLAC for audio and MP4, WMV, H.264, FLV, MKV for video, the 8890BT also features not one but two USB port for connecting your portable media.
There’s also Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and audio streaming, as well as the tried-and-true 3.5mm analog auxiliary input. But these are not even the highlights of this receiver


Audio customization


The really cool part about this receiver is the amount of options you get to finely tune the sound according to your taste. Starting with the Equalizer, you have 13 bands to play around with which is just great for tuners, but if you don’t really fancy customizing you’ve still got 6 presets to choose from and it doesn’t end there.

For even more fine tuning, this receiver has a built in DSP for audio processing that allows surround sound effect, time alignment (auto and manual) and crossover tuning for front, rear speakers and subwoofer. This is a big plus!


Other Features

Adding even more functionality the AVH X8890BT comes equipped with two camera inputs to install to either the front or rear of your vehicle, or both. It also has dual zone audio and video option that allows rear seat passengers to enjoy audio or video content on separately installed rear seat or a flip down monitor while the front driver enjoy listening to his collection of music.
If security is one your concern then Pioneer has got you covered by equipping this receiver with a detachable face panel so that you could carry it out the car to deter theft.


Bottom line

Overall The Pioneer AVH X8890BT receiver is pretty flawless and a huge upgrade from most older factory stereos. It is one of the best looking and feature rich receivers on the market and for the money it is definitely one of the easiest to use. But hitting the retail shelves at 35000, this system isn’t your bargain basement car stereo. Nope! It is for car owners with serious taste in style and sound. While the price is on the higher end of the spectrum, we found the Pioneer AVH X8890BT  to be well worth the asking price.

So If you’re in the market for a new car stereo that can do both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and brilliant sound customization, then this is one we highly recommend checking out. Demo it yourself at your local car audio shop and make the decision for yourself.