An earth shaking machine disguised as a practical family hyundai hatchback, Here comes the American Bass  with full swing: The Loudest car participating in the event.


Inside The back seats have been replaced by 10 cubic feet wooden box to place the two massive 15inch American Bass HD Hybrid woofers. Each of the front doors have been heavily customised for mounting two 8 inch mid bass and two bullet tweeters. Powering them are two JBL – GTO 1004 amplifiers.


You must be expecting a spacious boot but in this car the space has been replaced with those JBL amplifiers and a massive custom made mono amplifier. The spare wheel has been thrown away making way for six Rocket batteries to power the entire setup.


This little hatchback gives out so much bass that it really gives you a trip down the road with a vision to shake you out to paradise. Literally!

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