Fiil Diva Pro headphones Full Review

Gradually over the years we are getting to see a rising trend in the area of Wireless headphone mostly contributed to the fact smartphones are dropping the old 3.5m headphone jacks to go wireless -people are willing to make that jump from wired to wireless. But there are still many milestones to be achieved before wireless give the same quality of sound as that of the wired. Here is where Fiil- a new Chinese brand comes in with its Diva Pro via Kickstarter project.

Fiil Diva Pro is a smart noise cancelling pair of on ear headphones boasting of a smart touch interface, impressive audio quality and good design language priced at Rs23,999/-



The first thing to notice right out of the box is how elegant and classy the Diva Pro looks.  The minimalistic design brings about this look. FIIL is engraved on the outside of the cups – the letters light up when the device is turned on. It blinks while the device is in pairing mode and stays lit once it is paired.

The colours available are high gloss white , red and black .The power cum Bluetooth button can be found on the right earcup just above the toggle to switch between radio and Bluetooth-connected device. The 3.5mm and micro-USB ports fall below the toggle.



The Fiil Diva Pro have sufficient padding around the cups as well as headband that make them comfortable- as these headphones are not meant for all day use , it is convenient to use them for short durations like travelling or relaxing at home.

They are not the lightest earphones which also adds up to the reason on why they cannot be used for long periods. A good mix of aluminium padding and plastic makes the device a solid enough for all practical purposes.

The earcups need not be adjusted time and again to cover your ears but move out also smoothly. I would say that these headphones are good to keep on for about an hour and a half to two hours before one needs to take them off for a breather



To review its performance the songs used were “Sit Next to Me” by Foster The People, “Hysteria” by Muse and “Paper Aeroplanes” by Angus and Julia Stone -this enabled me define various sound signatures from acoustics to deep bass. The sound is distinct & clear  without too much of the unnecessary bass boom which would make all audiophiles happy.

On some songs like “Teardrop” by Massive Attack, the lows are great, and you can feel the bass punch through. However, with songs like “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire and “Love of my Life” by Santana, I couldn’t enjoy the bass guitaring and drumming as much, but the high guitar riffs were on point. You won’t have to worry about any distortion or screechiness if you crank the volume all the way up, because the headphones never really get too loud.

The mids and treble sound great and are nicely textured. “White Flag” by Dido and “Blush” by Wolf Alice sound great as the vocals are smooth and attractive and you’ll hear the cymbals in the background clearly as well. “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac is one of my absolute favourites to understand the lows and highs together, and I found the bassy part of the song could have had a little more punch to it.

In all one will not have much to complain about the Diva Pro as it gives crisp sound quality for a mix of genres

Overall, you are not going to have a lot of reasons to complain here as the Diva Pro headphones will produce crisp sounds for a majority of genres. The headphones support Bluetooth 4.1 and Qualcomm’s aptX for better wireless connectivity. It also comes with 4GB of storage so that you can carry up to 1000 songs on-the-go.

The device comes along with few smart functions as well like touch controls on the right ear cup- these do not work at the first and would take a few tries or getting used to practice . Fiil logo allows us to control the volume level as well as change the song.

A supporting Fiil app can be downloaded from the app store on Android or iOS, which allows you to set up the voice assistant by saying ‘ Hello Fiil (pronounced feel ‘) but the voice recognition was not found to be top notch and many commands were not recognized. Something which the company needs to work on.

The app allows you to try different the sound modes as well such as 3D Sound and EQ. In fact, these headphones by using 3D sound give us a spatial surround sound experience. The EQ isn’t as responsive though and neither is the Bass Boost. Switch to Treble mode will significantly reduce bass output and emphasize the mids and vocals.



The Fiil Diva Pro boasts of around 30hrs of playback time on a full charge but there is a catch – what I observed is that the volume levels are quite low so one will generally prefer keeping the max volume which in turn would max out the battery, so in my review the headphones would last for around 25hours which averages to 5-6days with 3-4hrs of on ear time.

Another issue of concern which they should rectify with the next product would be the voice prompt notifying us about the battery level. At a high volume usage-voice prompts cannot be heard. Furthermore neither the voice promt nor the App gave a correct indication of battery level.

The Fiil Diva Pro takes about an hour and a half to two hours to charge from zero to 100 per cent via the micro-USB port, they provide the cable with product so one need not worry about buying a separate one.

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