I belive that the Renault Duster is one of the most practical crossovers on sale today. It has enough space to seat five people and a big boot to store whatever you can ask for. But this project required even the rear seats to be thrown away to make way for this massive enclosure to house three huge 15inch BMS subwoofers.


Powering them is a custom built mono amplifier by BMS. The front doors and the back doors have also been reworked to fit in JBL component speakers and a Polk MM840 8inch subwoofer.


Even with the big enclosure in place, they even found a place to put a pair of JBL GTO 949 oval speaker at the rear. And finally to power the whole system they even found space at the rear to stash up no less than five Rocket batteries.


So you would be thinking with all this hardware in place, it could start some kind of an apocalypse. Well if you might someday find yourself standing next to this car,  chances are  that you might be facing one.

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