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0 Component vs Coaxial Speakers

Component vs Coaxial Speakers

When shopping for car speakers, we usually come across a situation where you are not sure of whether to buy a set of coaxial or a set of components. Components tend to be on the expensive side but they seem to be a popular choice among audiophiles. Before I begin, it is useful to have a little understanding about ...

0 AUX vs USB vs Bluetooth

AUX vs USB vs Bluetooth

We live in a time where listening to music in our car has become easier than ever. With compact discs or CDs on the brink of extinction, most factory head units nowadays are coming standard with features like Aux and USB and some come even with Bluetooth hands-free calling  and music playback. The argument of which is ...

0 Top Budget Coaxial Car Speakers

Top Budget Coaxial Car Speakers

Few things in life are as important as good music. But as you've probably noticed, that music only sounds as good as the system it's playing through. Many cars don't come with very good factory fitted speakers, so changing the car speakers can prove to be a cost effective way to improve sound in your audio system. ...

0 A Complete guide for buying Car Audio – Part I

A Complete guide for buying Car Audio – Part I

So, You're a newbie to the world of car audio and you've decided to spend your hard earned cash on audio upgrades. BRILLIANT!! but wait.... The following car audio buying guide will help you buy and build a high performing versatile and upgrade-able car Audio Install which will provide you with loud clear music, and ...

0 The Basics of Car Audio System

The Basics of Car Audio System

The subject of car audio can seem pretty complicated at first, but there are just three basic components that every system has to include. The head unit provides an audio signal, the amplifier boosts it, and the speakers actually produce the sound. Then there is wiring which connects all these components. Constructing ...